PaperLens: Volumetric Information Space

While doing a quick survey of the ACM library today I noticed that my paper on Facet Folders received its first citation. I’m proud to pass that milestone.

In related news, I saw that Raimund Dachselt and his team (Raimund supervised my Master’s thesis) presented a great approach for visualizing volumetric datasets with their PaperLens prototype. Watching the video of their prototype really makes me miss working on projects which push the boundaries of current UI/interaction concepts:


Facet Folders

Facet Folders are a novel way of managing personal data using a combination of conventional hierarchies with faceted metadata. I am presenting the concept as part of a submission to the Student Research Competition at CHI. Due to popular request and positive feedback, I am providing the paper here for download:

Facet Folders (PDF)