Remix culture

If you’ve followed recent discussions about the growing necessity of copyright reforms, you’ve most likely heard of Lawrence Lessig, the founding board member of Creative Commons. In a nutshell, Creative Commons – or just CC – is a set of permissive licences which any creator of creative content can assign to her own work to explicitly permit other people to build upon and reuse or remix the works according to the simple rules outlined in the license. While Creative Commons licenses have been in existence for more than six years, they are only now starting to be adopted by major content producers such as the Arabic TV network Al Jazeera or the band Nine Inch Nails, who released their on-line best-selling album Ghosts I-IV under a CC licence at the day of release for free downloading and non-commercial remixing.

When Lawrence Lessig was invited as a guest of the popular satire TV show The Colbert Report to present his newest book, this promised to provide some entertainment. See for yourself:

(Unfortunately, the TV show does not use a CC license yet, so the video might be removed at some point.)

The above interview is obviously a clear invitation for remix artists to get creative and I think that is exactly what Eclectic Method have been:

Make sure to visit their website and watch their video mix-tape Lock Up Your Videos for some great combinations of a wide style of music genres. I think that artists such as these really show what kind of creative new works are possible by remixing existing content with today’s digital tools. In other words, it is now primarily the legal system which holds back these artists and no longer the technical limitations of computer systems as was the case only a few years ago.


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